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In Indian Vedic Astrology, which is an age-old and well-tested science with global prominence, Mangal Dosha is considered as being a serious astrological imperfection. Also known as Bhom Dosha or Kuja Dosha, this mangal dosha is caused by adverse position of planet Mars in the birth chart of a person, and is represented by negative or malefic influences of Mars. It is believed that those people who had ill-treated their partners in previous lives, generally suffer from this mangal dosha. A man or woman under the negative influences of Mars [i.e. having mangal dosha] is said to be a Mangalik. One of the inherent characteristics of Mangalik persons is being rather aggressive, intolerant, hot-tempered, and domineering in nature.

This mangal dosha is one of the most significant parameters considered at the time of birth horoscope matching for marriage purpose. A person is said to be a mangalik, if Mars is positioned in any of the following houses of his/her birth chart - first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth. The degree of severity of mangal dosha is as follows in decreasing order depending upon the location of Mars: seventh house (maximum), first house (lesser), eighth house, fourth house, twelfth house, second house (lowest). This mangal dosha is considered responsible for causing the following problems:

- Delay in Getting Married

- Difficulties and Turmoil in Marital Life

- Regular Conflicts and Fights between Couple

- Financial Losses

- Professional Troubles

- Separation or Divorce

- Permanent Disability or Death of the Spouse

Mangal Dosha Remedies by Astrologer Pt. Deepak Kumar Shastri

As a veteran and leading astrologer of India embellished with global reputation, astrologer Pt. Deepak Kumar Shastri compulsorily offers remedies for mangal dosha, to pave the way for well-timed marriages and harmonious and lasting marital lives of people worldwide. Some of his astrological remedies for alleviating or nullifying this infamous dosha are provided after comprehensive and close observation of the birth chart of concerned client.

These remedies and effective suggestions are extended in one or more of the following means and measures:

- Wearing of a Gold Ring with a Bright Red Coral
- Reciting Mantras
- Kumbh Vivah
- Suggestion for Chanting of Navgraha Mantra (Mangal Mantra) or Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays regularly. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra 108 times on other days is also very effective.
- Fasting on Tuesday to Placate Mars, eating only Toor Daal (Split Pidgeon Daal)
- Advising Marriage between Two Mangaliks
- Advising Worship (Pooja) at Navgraha Temples or Hanuman Temples on Tuesdays
- Encouraging Marriage after 28 years of Age
- Avoidance of Red-colored Clothes
- Donation of Sweets and Red Things on Tuesdays
- Offerings to please and placate Mars

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Kaal Sarpa Yoga

The "Kaal Sarpa Yoga", also known as "Kaal Sarpa Dosha", is one of the very malefic yogas which could be formed in the horoscopes of people. The presence of any of the kaal sarpa yogas listed below, in the birth horoscope of any person creates certain problems, obstacles, or failures in the life of the native, depending upon the type and nature of the yog/dosh. The natives with kaal sarpa yogas need to put more efforts for less gains or success. However, the bad or ruinous effects of any such kaal sarpa yog are mitigated by the presence of benefic yogas in the horoscope of the native. If there are many beneficial yogas, or favorable positions of planets in horoscope, then, such a kaal sarpa dosh could be reduced to the minimum. This webpage contains very useful information about kaal sarpa dosha remedy extended by our world-famous astrologer of India.

A kaal sarpa yog is said to be present in the horoscope of a person, if all the seven planets are situated or hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is considered as a serpent, and Ketu is deemed as its tail. Thus, all planets are surrounded by these malefic elements, in case of the kaal sarpa yoga. In Indian Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered as very powerful malevolent planets, and therefore, bad influences of these should not be taken lightly. The most prominent types of kaal sarpa yog, are the following:

- Ananth kaala sarpa yoga

- Kulik kaala sarpa yoga

- Vaasuki kaala sarpa yoga

- hankhpal kaala sarpa yoga

- Padma kaala sarpa yoga

- Maha padma kaala sarpa yoga

- Takshaka kaala sarp yoga

- Karkotaka kaala sarpa yoga

- Shankachood kaala sarpa yoga

- Ghaatak kaala sarpa yoga

- Vishadhar kaala sarpa yoga

- Sheshanaag kaala sarpa yoga

Kaal Sarpa Yog Remedy by Astrology

For sure-fire and expeditious kaalsarp yog remedies, our dignified and benevolent astrologer is highly renowned in entire India and also in countries worldwide. After close observation and meticulous and intelligent analysis of planetary positions in the birth horoscope of his client, he offers rings (in snake forms), gemstones, etc.; advises doing certain activities regularly; and chants specific mantras to eliminate the negative and spoiling influences of the concerned kaal sarpa yog. Fast, sovereign, and economical solutions to the following problems or adversities caused by diverse types of kaal sarpa doshas are extended expertly by our righteous and benevolent astrologer of global repute and popularity:

- Health Problems

- Low Self-Confidence

- Unstable Mental Peace

- Worsening Relationship with Family Members and Friends

- Treachery from Near and Dear Ones

- Joblessness

- Fluctuating Financial Situations

- Excessive Anxieties and Tensions

- Bereft of Progeny

- Unhappy Married Life

- Problems or Losses in Profession or Business

- Domestic Unrest

- Probability of Accidents, or other Mishaps

- Obstacles to Going Abroad

- Troubles from Kith and Kin

- Legal Litigation

- And, Disturbances to various Important or Auspicious Works in Life

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